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About Us

Welcome to Medalist Badminton Academy! This is the website of former world number 9 Malaysia (Selangor/Kuala Lumpur) badminton national player representing for more than 15 years in women doubles. Janice Woon Khe Wei retired in 2018 and is always her dream to set up badminton academy to nurture young talents for the country, as well as cultivating positive value into the society. Enjoy the site!

Our Philosophy

Medalist Badminton Academy is an independent badminton academy. It is formed by Malaysia ex-National Player, Janice Woon Khe Wei. The mission & vision of Medalist Sport Academy is to create a new way for badminton training and coaching with the aid of modern sport science, based on our splendid passion and dedication for the badminton.

Our main philosophy is to cultivate a good culture, attitude and detailed professional approach towards daily practice and cooperation between player and coach. You will get to learn the right technique skills, footwork, tactical skills, physical training, posture and balance throughout our training session.

Medalist Badminton Academy’s approach is to offer different ways of cooperation, from developing the single-player to double or group. This can be achieved in short term/long term goals and likewise regarding very specific requests on specific areas made by clients. We believe badminton is good for physical and mental health for everyone. Because of that – the customer and client will be part of defining the different future platforms of the academy.

Medalist Sport Academy is not funded by any association or country in any form. Therefore, we are open towards any cooperation with any player or country, despite origin and cultural heritage.

We look forward to working with you!